SEPTEMBER 2015 saw the Premiere of the Call of Guadalupe musical Amazing Augustine, written by John Lee Joo For, Peter Foster and David Lemewu.

We had five great performances – they just got better and better – with really appreciative audiences. The play followed the life of St Augustine, the Great Bishop of Hippo in North Africa.

Augustine Amazing underlines a a diverse range of moral conflicts that are prevalent in today’s contemporary culture. The play exploits and places on stage what the writings of Saint Augustine meant and what their purpose is for us, centuries later. This is a play for everyone to see, both old and young, as there will be a different message for everyone.

The Key COG Creative Team comprised Writer John Lee Joo For, Composers Peter Foster and David Lemewu and Director John Smith.

Over the past 10 years, COG was also responsible for :-

Call of Guadalupe, Man of Assisi and Saul Saul Paul Paul.

Contact us for if you would like to stage Amazing Augustine or perform some songs or excerpts from the Musical, most of our musicals are free of royalties.

Art was a struggle, a struggle to capture in visual form my response to the joy-pain pressures of the world around me.

John Lee

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