It is written by John Lee, a Melbourne artist and playwright ,
who graduated from the Royal college of Art, London . He has staged plays in
New York, Kuala Lumpur, and Australia. The music for the play has been written
by Peter Foster, a Melbourne composer, who is one of the leaders in the
charismatic music ministry.

The production has been staged for 14 seasons around Australia and three

seasons in the Philippines and it is being staged to foster in everyone, especially

in the youth/young adults, a respect for life. Also we have performed at about

25 locations doing excerpts of the play and giving pro life talks at schools and

nursing homes. The musical itself shares a vision for a future that respects the

sanctity of human life at all stages. Already 25,000 people have seen the

musical & it has excellent reviews the musical is inspirational.

The story begins with an Australian family who face dilemmas and seek god and then there is a flashback with a visit of “Our Lady of Guadalupe”, the Mother of God to an Aztec peasant, Juan Diego. She requested a church built to pray that the sacrifices would stop. To prove her appearance to non-believers, a miraculous appearance occurred of Herself in a life-sized image on his cactus-fibre tilma cloak (which still persists in perfect preservation, after 500 years, in Mexico today) This brought an end to all human sacrifice and the conversion of nine million Aztecs to Catholicism in less than ten years.

The musical draws a parallel between this period in Mexican history and Australian life today. Today, our culture is forgetting the preciousness of life from the womb to the tomb, not seeing the value of the aged, disabled, infirm, and an increase in youth suicides have contributed to a modern day “Culture of Death’. We promote the culture of life. (Pope John Paul II)

From Melbourne, Kyabram, Werribee, Albury, Darwin, Balwyn, Philippines, this play seeks forays into other cities in Australia and from then on, bravely and boldly to other areas of the world.

Such is the vision. Your prayers and support will carry this through.

The musical has a blessings from Bishop Prowse, Bishop Elliot and encouraged by Cardinal Pell and Archbishop Hart.

Art was a struggle, a struggle to capture in visual form my response to the joy-pain pressures of the world around me.”

John Lee

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