The Celebrate Life concert was held in October to coincide with the March for the Babies, with a full attendance of around 400. Artistes that made a mark in that concert were Soul Chic! George Byrne, Rapping Priest Chris Eaton and COG alum David Lemewu along with Nicole Digal and Thomas Byrne. We thank God for everyone of them.

Talented members of COG presented extracts from our pro-life music Call of Guadalupe, they all sang heartily and with a passion which moved the audience with the message of the preciousness of life, from Womb to the Tomb.. We were thoroughly blessed by Antonio Rullez and Luciana Gagliardi who sang beautifully presenting the message of God’s love and His great mercy. With the funds raised from this event, COG made a donation to Fr David Lemewu’s parish work in Bali who work with the youth and those with disabilities. 

Art was a struggle, a struggle to capture in visual form my response to the joy-pain pressures of the world around me.

John Lee

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