COG Theatre Group

A Musical for all Ages

‘Call of Guadalupe’

Written by John Lee

Music by Peter Foster

Artist and playwright John Lee had a Dream. Perhaps he preferred to see it as a Vision. No matter how he saw it – the message was Loud and Clear: create a popular, vibrant, inspirational and uplifting Live Musical theatre production about Life and Hope and take it to the world. He succeeded beyond anyone’s wildest expectations. Lee had never written a full-scale Theatre Musical – but, as usual, such a minor detail was not going to stop him. However, when the Malaysia-born convert to Christianity sat down to write what would become Call of Guadalupe, he knew he needed to surrender himself to the possibility of terrible failure. Fortunately, he discovered true collaboration with composer Peter Foster, whose clever, accessible, uplifting music took the show to a higher level. A series of musical extravaganzas followed – Man of Assisi, Saul Saul Paul Paul, Amazing Augustine, John Paul II and Magdalene: A Wanton Saint – but it is Guadalupe that has enjoyed the most revivals – seen by over 30,000 people across Australia and as faraway as the Philippines. The current version is a co-production between Call of Guadalupe Theatre Company (COG) and Melbourne’s Saint Joseph’s Catholic Parish, Chelsea, VIC. An exciting and encouraging element with this production is its joyful young cast – evidence that Guadalupe has connected with a new generation. Whatever you love in theatre: strong characters and situations, rousing songs and dance numbers – or a good old-fashioned fight scene – let Call of Guadalupe transport you and transform you this November.

● There will be four(4) performances of Call of Guadalupe at Chelsea Town Hall from 24-27 November.

● Click here for tickets

God Bless.

Geraldine Lee