The Plague Year of 2020 hit Professional and Community Theatre alike (not to  mention Sports and Dining-Out) and by July it became obvious there would be no  COG Musical Production. The group took to the zoom-waves for two drama courses  –The Confident Skilled Actor and the aptly-named Contagious Drama – both of which  were well-attended and delivered lots of enjoyment. Trainers Douglas Lee, Natasha  Noronha and Geraldine Lee are back with RISE Performing Arts which runs every week – join and challenge yourself.  While the course was launched with great optimism – Real people! Real space! – another Lockdown chose to intervene.

There was a small but energetic turnout for the 17 July Introductory Session:  Douglas took students through Jacques Lecoq’s Seven Levels of Tension – which helps actors transition into different emotions and physicality – and  Geraldine shared her confidence-boost tips. The class split into two groups to improvise an unfortunately topical scenario:  someone dashes into a supermarket for a quick, emergency buy – mask less (shock. shudder.) and has to suffer the gamut of attitudes and opinion  from staff and fellow-shoppers. Truly a scenario for these times. 

RISE Performing Arts Course is a new and vibrant drama course for ALL ages and abilities, presented by COG Theatre. It is Fun guaranteed. You will learn something more about drama and build your confidence in many areas of your life. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to build your skills in performing and. Learn from trainers, some of them with 20yrs experience in the world of theatre. A handle full of our students are now professional actors, singers and performers.

“It has helped me to improve my communication skills and also have  more courage in self-expression,” Sabrina says. 

“All the teachers are supportive and very knowledgeable.  “It’s a safe environment for you to grow and learn, and also have  lots of fun.” 


Adults: http://www.trybooking.com/BRKNT  

Children: http://www.trybooking.com/BRNUP


Below is the syllabus of one of our past drama courses.

Enjoy excerpts from one of our online drama workshops

Excerpt from one of our drama classes

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Art was a struggle, a struggle to capture in visual form my response to the joy-pain pressures of the world around me.

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